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Historical Background

Affy Group is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company based at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh,India. Affy group of companies is a 100 crore with WHO/CGMP and ISO 9001:2015 certified company with encompass of 24 Divisions.
Started as a small scale enterprise in August 1993, Affy Parma Pvt. Ltd. moved at a brisk pace and was incorporated as Affy Group of Companies on (month/year). Keeping up with pace it reached new heights, starting with manufacturing of medicinal drugs the company widened its scope to export as well. Apart from working on its own brand the company also been in Contract Manufacturing Partnership to brands in the domestic and international market since 1996 with the base of 600 plus customers and manufacturing more than 6000 brands.
The Five production facilities with 13 sections of AFFY are the special economic zone which is an Export Oriented Unit, established in 2005 at the Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, which is a tax free location (till 2020). All the plants have in house machine maintenance department with stock of Key and critical spares. Who can set the machine in bare minimum time? Since the plants are fully automatic,hygienic conditions are maintained without touching the product in the entire production process.All the supporting infrastructure facilities are available round the clock to ensure smooth flow of production lines. The company has over 100 highly qualified managers, engineers, officers and supervisors to manage and maintain the plants effectively. The company’s belief in Human Resource Development ensures the presence of all statutory welfare, recreational and emergency services within the plant. Apart of that Affy has its own printing press unit, corrugated box manufacturing unit, pet bottle manufacturing unit, water for injection manufacturing unit & natural mineral water plant.
The AFFY team is a perfect blend of experienced professionals from technical, commercial and other fields. This combined with the company’s vision ensures in manufacturing of high quality products. In line with the quality standards of ISO 9001:20015 AFFY has grown at a rapid pace to become one of the top Indian exporters and a leading supplier to MNC customers in the Indian market.
Affy launched its 15 generic division in April 2017 & within 16 months of our launch we have a strong stockist network of more than 1000 stockists.
AFFY well established research and development department strives for constant innovation and best quality medicinal drugs. This assures that the company is well prepared for the future challenges of this vast and growing field. The company also has complete in house process facilities and packaging to ensure strict quality control. The presence of a fully equipped Q.C. laboratory with latest gadgets combined with state of the art Vertical & highly advanced and fully automated machine, which ensures international quality of products.


Affy group is in the process of introducing products for masses at an exceptionally affordable price.

Ready To Eat

Affy group is also in the process of introducing ‘Ready to Eat’ foods at a price which is within the reach of common people. Affy plans to manufacture various spices using cryogenic technology to retain the natural oils and aroma in the spices.

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