Bottle Manufacturing


Pet bottles are an integral part in the manufacturing of the liquids.

We at Affy group have state of the art Pet bottle manufacturing plant. We manufacture Pet bottles in various shapes and sizes, Transparent bottle, Red transparent bottle, Orange transparent bottle, White opaque transparent bottle and Amber transparent bottle are manufactured in the following sizes and shapes:

  • 60 ml bottle in cylindrical and dome mould
  • 100 ml bottle in cylindrical and dome mould
  • 150 ml bottle in cylindrical round
  • 170 ml bottle in cylindrical mould
  • 200 ml bottle in micro brute mould
  • 225 ml bottle in step brute mould

Our Pet bottle manufacturing unit takes care of our own requirement. All the production capacity is dedicated to our own liquid section manufacturing, thereby assuring right type of the bottle for every type of liquids on time.

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