Contract Manufacturing

In Indian Pharmaceutical market Affy group & Company is a leading manufacturer of Pharmaceutical products. We are having varieties of sections like Tablets, Hard gelatin capsules, Soft gelatin capsules, lyophilized Injection, General Injections, Dry Syrups, Liquid Syrups, Sachets, Ointment, Gel, Cream, Lotion, Soap & Shampoo with capacity for large-scale production.

With general pharmaceutical section, We are also specialized in Beta Section, Oncology Section, Hormonal section, Nutraceutical section, Cosmetic Section.
We have set up our manufacturing plants in BADDI, HIMACHAL PRADESH.

We also work for many pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who do not have their own manufacturing platform and provide them pharmaceutical contract manufacturing/ Third party services. We try to make the outsourcing activity more flexible & easier for our partners as we are performing the activities like.

  • Our services include purchasing of raw materials, production, packaging and quality control, depending on your needs.
  • Through this flexibility, we are able to integrate into your supply chain very perfectly.
  • Providing hassle-free manufacturing & improve net earnings and cash flow.
  • All products are analyzed properly and released by our expert quality control team before shipment.
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