Affy Group has ventured into OTC (over the counter) segment by introducing:

  1.  Pre-check (Pregnancy test card)
  2.  Contraceptive Pills MI-21 & MI-72
  3.  AFFYGRA 100 for Erectile disfunction
  4.  Sprainx (Pain Relief gel for joint pain & sports injury)
  5.  Medicated soaps – Neem, Aloe-vera
  6.  Garner – Multivitamins & Mineral supplements
  7.  Garner G – Ginseng, Vitamins & Minerals
  8.  Graner-10G – Introducing for the first time in India with Omega 3, Fatty acid, Ginseng extract, Ginkgo biloba extract, Green tea extract, Ginger extract, Garlic extract, Garcinia cambogia extract, Grape seed extract, Giloy extract, Green coffee extract, Gymnema extract


We are working on many products in the OTC segment and shortly will be Introducing:
  1. Isabgoli, Product for constipation, for the (FIRST TIME IN THE WORLD)
  2.  NO Sugar (Artificial sweetner) for diabetic patients & for people who are calorie conscious.
  3. World class CONDOMS

We are setting up state of the art manufacturing unit at Baddi H.P for producing sanitary napkins & baby diapers. Our manufacturing units with huge production capacity will be producing around 800 sanitary napkins & baby diapers per minute. Our aim is to produce best quality of sanitary napkins & baby diapers at affordable price for the Indian masses.

Affy has many more products up its sleves in the OTC segment and it will be introducing them in phased manner.

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