The most important aspect for us as a company is the ‘QUALITY’ of product manufactured and supplied. We look at the systematic measurement, comparison with the standard and monitor the process which helps us prevent errors.  Our aim is to provide all products which are Fit for purpose. All our products are manufactured with a standardized manufacturing process, documentation and we comply with good laboratory practices.

The most important detail that we take care of while manufacturing medicines is that of quality. Be it manufacturing of medicines or processes that take part in research and development or even testing and distribution process, quality is the parameter that remains untouched. There may be modification required but quality is above everything.

The management team that takes care of the quality of medicinal products ensures that the quality of our medicines is world class and are safe to use for every demographic.

There are particular set of steps and procedures that are taken in agreement with requirements of the current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), WHO in order to safeguard the standards that are set by regulators.

Manufacturing a medicine is not a single procedure. There are different processes which require different sites. These sites are handled by professionals whose main attention is on quality control. No amount of lethargy or carelessness is tolerated when it comes to quality. A Corporate Quality Unit (CQU) heads all of this and takes care of following of guidelines and protocols.

We want the best for the consumers and this is done by following of rules. But these rules are not just limited to us. We make sure that our business partners do the same so that we are on the same page of acceptance of guidelines. Improvement in technology and innovative ideas are also kept in mind and we continuously work towards that direction.





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