Quality, at Affy is of core importance.

Quality, at Affy is of core importance. Affy considers quality as a paramount importance and strives hard continuously to produce quality medicines for masses.  Affy follows best in class technology, processes and abides by all major stringent regulatory norms. Affy is committed to implementing a robust global quality management system and operational excellence to meet the expectations of masses worldwide. Our every plant has well-defined procedures and systems in place as per the requirement of good manufacturing practices (cGMP), WHO in order to maintain quality standards.

We have well trained personnel for quality control (QC) and quality assistance (QA) department. We have fully fledged labs for

  1. Instrumental Lab
  2. Chemical Lab
  3. Microbiological Lab

They are having appropriate education, training skills and experience thereby ensuring strict adherence to quality systems and procedures. Our team is committed to deliver quality products. Our team is committed to deliver quality products day after day. Our manufacturing plants are inspected and audited on regular basis by the core team and outside agencies with an objective of ensuring 100% compliance and conformance.

At Affy, quality is a way of life and we are committed to the highest levels of quality to meet the exemplary global pharmaceutical standards.

For Affy, we can confidentially say ‘Quality you can Trust and Depend Upon’.

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