Affy is driven by development expertise, operational excellence and supported by extensive R&D along with properly equipped laboratories. Our success is through our highly skilled team members and a cordial working environment. It is the product, more than promotion and branding which helps the company to achieve greater heights and this end product is approved with the support of our Research and Development Team. 

This R&D team is a team of skilled professionals which oversee the calculations done and check if the existing product requires any change.  It is because of them, that today our products are stamped with high quality.

Our team of scientists have years of experience and they wisely use cutting edge technology to make products such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS), and New Chemical Entities (NCEs). We also have the technology to make a wide range of products such as Hard Gelatin Capsules, Injectable Dry Powder, Iyophilized Injectables, Nutraceuticals etc.

The research and development team works closely with the business development team which helps in generation of innovative ideas keeping the consumer need in mind. To avoid lack of funds, we invest more than 7 percent of our revenue in our research and development. We have reaped plenty rewards by putting our faith in the research and development program. New technologies are looked upon but, old ones are also discussed and improved consistently. Incorporation of state-of-the-art technology along with high grade equipment has got us where we are.

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